480 Project Ideas for Lighter Vehicles

26. July 2018. 480 Project Ideas for Lighter Vehicles – Initial Project Results at the IAA Commercial Vehicles

In the third phase of The Lightweight Forging Initiative, 39 steel manufacturers and forging companies from Europe, Japan and the US came together in 2017 with the aim of uncovering the lightweighting
potential in a hybrid passenger car as well as in the power-transmitting components of a conventional truck powertrain.

Phase III began in July 2017 with the disassembly and documentation of a hybrid split-axle four-wheel drive SUV at the automotive research company fka Forschungsgesellschaft Kraftfahrwesen mbH in Aachen, Germany. Likewise,
the transmission, propeller shaft and rear axle of a heavy-duty commercial vehicle were disassembled. During a workshop at the end of January 2018 at the fka in Aachen, 80 experts from the companies involved in the project
then had the opportunity to assess the parts themselves and inspect them with respect to potential lightweighting measures.

Since then, 350 lightweighting suggestions for the chassis, powertrain, transmission and electronic parts of the hybrid passenger car as well as 131 suggestions for weight reduction in the truck powertrain have been developed.
Bearing in mind that the above-named systems of the hybrid passenger car have a reference mass of 816 kg, these lightweighting approaches add up to a potential weight reduction of 93 kg in total. For the truck powertrain
with a reference mass of 909 kg, the experts were able to predict a weight reduction of 124 kg in total. “The Initiative would like to promote communication about lightweighting along the entire supply chain – from steel
manufacture to forging, component manufacture and automotive application,” explains Dr. Thomas Wurm, Chairman of The Lightweight Forging Initiative for the steel partners. “We would like bring about the implementation
of new lightweighting solutions on the basis of forging,” adds Dr. Hans-Willi Raedt, Chairman of the Initiative for the forging partners.

The Initiative will thus be presenting its initial results from as early as September 2018 at three trade events:

“67th IAA Commercial Vehicles” in Hanover, September 20 – 27, 2018, hall 23 (booth no. C18)
“27th Automobile and Engine Technology Colloquium” in Aachen, October 8 – 10, 2018, first floor (booth no. 37)
“9th International Suppliers Fair (IZB)” in Wolfsburg, October 16 – 18, 2018, hall 5 (booth no. 5303)

Here, automotive manufacturers, system suppliers and engineering companies can gain an insight into the content of Project Phase III as well obtain further information on the lightweighting potential that has been determined.


Further information at www.massiverLEICHTBAU.de

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