Our steel provides propulsion


On water or on land, GMH products are always in demand – reliable propulsion for any application.

Mobility is a basic human need, and one of the main driving forces behind technological development. There are many companies that help people and goods get from A to B – by land, water or air. By supplying these companies with its steels and products, GMH Gruppe operates as an innovative partner: fast, flexible and always looking for new solutions and fields of application.

The automotive industry – we keep everything running smoothly

Steel is the fuel that drives the automotive industry. And GMH Gruppe is one of this industry’s leading suppliers. Around 80 per cent of our steel is used by the international automotive industry and its suppliers. Our steel is used to make crankshafts, cam shafts and drive shafts, as well as gearbox and chassis parts for cars and lorries. Our premium-quality cast iron serves as the basis for engine parts, exhaust manifolds and transmission components. 

Lightweight construction – efficiency driven by steel

GMH Gruppe is also actively involved in the field of lightweight construction. This issue is becoming increasingly important to future development, especially in the automotive industry. By 2030, the percentage of high-tensile steels in cars will rise from 13 to 38 per cent. This is because it is the most important material for economically viable lightweight construction. The overall weight of vehicles can be significantly decreased by reducing the weight of several different components. This contributes significantly to reducing CO2 emissions. 

In order to research the potential of lightweight construction for the car industry in more detail, we joined the cross-industry Lightweight Forging Initiative in 2013. This initiative has developed several new ideas for reducing the weight of cars and commercial vehicles. It has also demonstrated that solid lightweight construction solutions using high-performance steel are both cost-effective and competitive. With more than 500 ideas for over 2,500 parts, lightweight components are already hugely important to the automotive industry – and will play an even greater role in the future. 

Shipbuilding – sailing straight and true

Customers in the shipbuilding industry also rely on GMH Gruppe products. We produce a number of open-die forged parts  for this sector – from raw steel bars and ready-to-install crankshafts to large crankshafts and cast components for large machines.

Rail transport operations – quality that keeps you on track 

GMH Gruppe has close ties with the rail sector. The modern, sophisticated rail transport sector requires manufacturers to continuously optimise their product development and manufacturing processes. As such, our main goal is to fulfil all the relevant safety and quality requirements – thus ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. To guarantee that we achieve this goal. we deploy the latest manufacturing methods and simulation technology, and exclusively use materials that have beensubjected to stringent quality control. Our products, consequently, stand for consistent quality, high availability, economic efficiency and excellent longevity.