Creating a Future

Environmental protection at Georgsmarienhütte

Georgsmarienhütte contributes to a responsible environmental concept – with certified processes and a dedicated team of specialists.

Organised usage, transparent presentation

Georgsmarienhütte GmbH is certified to ISO 14001 standards and audited in line with ISO 50001. Water and emission protection levels are significantly below the permitted thresholds. Residual material from the production process – such as slag and dust – is consistently recycled. We also publish our environmental data online on a regular basis. 

Environmentally friendly steel production

We have been setting sustainable production standards for years thanks to our DC electric arc furnace. This equipment relies exclusively on prepared and sorted scrap steel. It saves on resources while also optimising the recyclable materials cycle. The process gases are purified in the filter system.

Specialist sustainability team

An internal environmental organisation within Georgsmarienhütte GmbH ensures that environmental policy and targets are constantly put into practice. The Head of Technology is responsible for this area, accompanied by representatives for emission and water protection, waste, hazardous materials and radiation protection. Even the Works Managers are part of the team. A rapid flow of information makes it possible to identify potential improvements quickly and implement individual measures right away.

Environmental guidelines

Georgsmarienhütte GmbH operates in line with the following principles:

  • Preserving natural resources 
    Corporate activity always involves some impact on the environment. This is why we make every effort to keep the extent of our encroachment into the natural world to a minimum. 
  • Reducing environmental pollution 
    We take it upon ourselves to reduce air, water and soil pollution far beyond legal requirements and stipulations. All without simply shifting the type of environmental pollution from one medium to another. The principle here is as follows: Preventing is better than reducing is better than recycling is better than disposal. 
  • Involving all parties 
    The motivation and creativity of employees are essential to achieving environmental protection targets. As is the regular training on current environmental issues. 
  • Maintaining a transparent approach 
    We engage in open, factual and comprehensive dialogue with employees, authorities, local residents and the media. We keep everyone informed of the environmental impact of plants, processes and environment-related events.