A forward-thinking approach

Energy management at Georgsmarienhütte GmbH

We manufacture premium-quality steel products with the help of state-of-the-art production technologies. This requires us to use a certain amount of electrical energy and natural gas. For this reason, we have made the subject of energy management a real focus from the very beginning.

Coordination of optimisation measures

Georgsmarienhütte GmbH was the first steel plant in Germany to be audited to ISO 50001 standards. Our team of experts ensures that energy policy and energy saving objectives are put into practice. The rewards for saving energy are twofold. On the one hand, it reduces costs, while on the other, it minimises environmental pollution.

Energy from ideas

The creativity of our employees not only helps us to develop innovative solutions for our customers. It also helps us exploit potential energy savings – for example, by eliminating leakages, introducing optimisation measures for individual production steps, and using direct heating methods. As part of the company’s suggestion scheme, we have received countless suggestions amounting to huge savings in recent years. What’s more, regular energy courses also take place in which selected employees are trained to become internal EM auditors.

Ambitious targets, strong commitment 

Individual processes are analysed in terms of their energy requirements through continuous and comprehensive data collection on all energy sources. This enables adjustments to be made with pinpoint accuracy on this basis. Furthermore, the use of the best available – and economically justifiable – technologies significantly increases the energy efficiency of machines and plants. Plant running times can be reduced and the level of automation increased. The motivation for the development of energy saving measures was exceptional right from the outset thanks to the intensive involvement of all employees. It is only through the cooperation of all staff members that energy management at this high level can become a reality. 

The world’s only “Climate-conscious Company” in the steel sector

Georgsmarienhütte is the first steel plant to have been commended for being a „Climate-conscious Company”. It is also setting new standards at international level through measures such as:

  • Continuously reducing its energy requirements and optimising its energy supply
  • Continuously increasing the energy efficiency of its machines and plants
  • Involving its entire workforce in its energy management processes