Over 160 years of Georgsmarienhütte tradition

History of Georgsmarienhütte

Our plant was founded in 1856. It was named after King Georg V of Hannover and his wife Marie. In turn, Georgsmarienhütte also became the namesake of the prospering town located right next to our site. We have established firm roots within the region ever since, with steel production providing secure employment for several generations. Even today, we still offer exceptional prospects for people in and around the town of Georgsmarienhütte.

1856 – The ironworks were established to take advantage of local ore and coal reserves.

1923 – The company was taken over by Klöckner.

1993 – Management buy-out by Dr E. h. Jürgen Großmann.

1994 – The steel production process switched from blast furnace converters to the DC electric arc furnace method.

1997 – On 1 October 1997, Dr Großmann founded Georgsmarienhütte Holding GmbH. Georgsmarienhütte GmbH becomes a subsidiary of the new holding company.