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Environmental protection using innovative technology

Modern-day enterprises include protection of the environment among their corporate aims - as does Georgsmarienhütte GmbH, which is certified to ISO 14001. We adhere to water and ambient air quality standards and recycle production residuals such as slag and dust. Regular publication of our environmental data on the Internet ensures transparency and dependability within and beyond the works gates.

An inhouse environmental organisation sees to it that environmental policy and environmental goals are put into practice. Responsibility for this lies with the Managing Director for Technology.

He is assisted by compliance officers for ambient air and water protection, waste, hazardous goods and radiological safety, who are also the persons to contact. The managers of the company are, as its representatives, responsible for implementing the environmental goals.

Direct contact between the board of managing directors, compliance officers and company's managers ensures a fast and two-way flow of information. The compliance officers report directly on their environmental functions to the Managing Director for Technology and have an all-round duty to inform him and the workforce about environmentally relevant matters.

Use of major quantities of electric power and natural gas has prompted Georgsmarienhütte GmbH from an early stage to take the energy management approach of treating all activities holistically so as to minimise energy input. Georgsmarienhütte GmbH was the first steelmaker in Germany to be audited to ISO 50001.

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