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Range of Materials

We produce quality and engineering steels to all current European standards.

general-purpose structural steels

DIN EN 10025

steels for quenching and tempering

DIN EN 10083

case-hardening steels

DIN EN 10084

precipitation-hardenable ferritic-pearlitic steels

DIN EN 10267

ball and roller bearing steels

DIN EN ISO 683-17

spring steels

DIN EN 10089

boron steels

DIN EN 10083

nitriding steels

DIN EN 10085

steels for welded round link chains

DIN 17115

steels with elevated and low temperature properties

DIN EN 10269

weldable steels with elevated temperature properties

DIN EN 10273

weldable fine-grain structural steels

DIN EN 10025

cold heading and cold extrusion steels

DIN EN 10263

tool steels
(unalloyed tool steels and hot work tool steels for mandrel rods)


… or to your special requirements. We would be pleased to hear from you!