Bright Bars

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  • Peeled, straightened and polished to DIN EN 10277 and
    DIN EN 10278:
    20 to 125 mm dia.
  • Peeled, straightened and polished, tolerance band h9 to h12:
    20 to 125 mm dia.
  • Peeled, straightened and polished, ground, up to
    tolerance band h6:
    20 to 125 mm dia.

Please feel free to calculate the steel weight with our Steel Weight Calculator.

    Delivery lengths

    • 3 to 10 m
    • Other lengths / short lengths by arrangement



    • 50-3.500 mm, Length tolerance: +/- 0.1 mm or weight tolerance


    End finishes

    • Abrasively cut
    • Milled
    • Chamfered
    • Sawn and deburred
    • Special finishes by arrangement

    Flaw Detection

    • Ultrasonic inspection (normal and angle-beam probe)
    • Eddy current testing
    • Identity inspection

    Types of heat treatment

    You will find our "Bright Steel Products" brochure in the
    Download Center.

    Bright steel production takes place at GMH Blankstahl GmbH in Georgsmarienhütte.

    The following companies within our group also offer bright steel products:

    Stahl Judenburg GmbH, Judenburg, Österreich
    Heinrich Geissler GmbH Blankstahlwerk, Witten
    WISTA Stahlhandel Witten GmbH, Witten

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