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Industrial Safety

Our most valuable asset is our workforce. We protect it by providing the best possible working conditions, by having numerous health and safety precautions in place and creating a safe working environment, and by reviewing these on a regular basis. Safety at work is an ongoing development process at Georgsmarienhütte GmbH, efficiently applied on the shopfloor - it is, in short, practiced pro-actively.

The company has a health and safety committee, for example, comprising managing directors, production shop managers, works councillors, the company doctor, in-plant safety officers and workforce members, all of whom work closely together. The health and safety committee meets at least four times a year and is extensively occupied with reviewing and promoting health and safety at work.

The health and safety committee is complemented by in-plant safety committees, whose members include production shop managers, assistants, foremen and assistant foremen, as well as works councillors. The in-plant safety committees primarily analyse accidents in their particular shop or facility, implement annual safety schemes, and play a part in the testing and use of personal protective equipment.

All of our company workforce members receive instruction and training on occupational health and safety several times a year - always relating to their particular area of work.

The in-plant safety officers of Georgsmarienhütte GmbH receive separate training four times a year from specially qualified occupational safety experts.

Georgsmarienhütte has the first rolling mill to boast an EC Declaration of Conformity throughout.