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Health Management

The health of our employees is a highly valued commodity. Only healthy people can 'put their backs' into their work carefree and achieve optimum results. Company healthcare is therefore at the centre of many processes at Georgsmarienhütte GmbH and is also a key issue of industrial safety. Our motto is "Only prevention avoids accidents".

Regular preventive occupational-medical examinations, pre-placement fitness checkups and general medical preventive examinations at the request of the employees (e.g. colorectal cancer screening, flu vaccination, etc.) round off the healthcare services on offer. Our company doctor is, of course, also bound by medical confidentiality.

Occupational safety schemes, health protection campaigns and in-company fire prevention measures complement and, in many instances, dovetail with one another. And this makes sense because, wherever people are at work, routine cannot be allowed to lead to negligence.